Advanced Cutting Tools for the Aerospace Industry

Eurogrind has extensive experience in the aerospace industries. Our fully experienced engineers understand all aspects of machining exotic alloys / materials such as: inconel, nimonic, waspaloy, hastelloy, titanium, carbon fibre and plastics reinforced with aluminium or titanium fibres (FRP). We offer independent evaluation of all carbide and diamond tooling options.

Eurogrind’s specialist offering for businesses in the aerospace sector includes:

• Special rotary tooling with optimised geometrics and coatings. These include diamond / DLC and solid lubrication for high performance and extended cutting tool life

• ISO standard carbide and PCD tipped inserts for general machining of exotic alloys

• Independent evaluation of carbides / PCD cutting tools and geometries to give you the best advice and most cost effective solutions, utilising the latest material technologies

We offer a re-lap and retip option on existing PCD cutters to counter the typical shorter tool life experienced with the machining of today’s aerospace materials.

In short, we will work closely with you to fully understand your unique requirements and provide you with a service designed around your project goals and budgets. To find out more about Eurogrind’s expertise in the aerospace sector and how we can help you, call us on 01792 862001 or send us an email.

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