Ceramic Inserts – High speed machining

With their high melting points and exceptional resistance to wear, ceramic cutting tools are ideal in demanding environments. Ceramic retains its hardness at extreme temperatures, which means its accuracy is not compromised at high cutting speeds.




Eurogrind can supply a full range of aluminium oxide ceramic cutting tools including whisker reinforced grades. We can also modify these in our grind shop and supply a variety of edge reinforcements to produce the form you need.

As an independent specialist in cutting tools, Eurogrind will explain the significance of the variable factors involved in ceramics and help you understand how they affect performance. Similarly, as a provider of bespoke tools and cutting solutions, we will work to your specifications and unique requirements. If you already have a design, we can manufacture to it. If not, our in house design engineers will work with you to create the design you need.

To discuss your high speed, high temperature machining needs, call us on 01792 862001 or send us an email.

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