Cermet Inserts – providing long tool life and excellent surface finishes

Cermet inserts are manufactured from ceramic reinforced with titanium nitride and tantalum nitride. This makes them harder and more wear resistant than tungsten carbide cutting tools and even tougher than ceramic. Cermet is the ideal cutting material if you need high speed finishing of cast iron and hardened steel.

Cermet inserts have a longer tool life – which can be further extended by conventional coatings – and can run at higher cutting speeds than standard coated carbide inserts. They also have a low friction coefficient which means they are the best inserts for resisting adhesion and cratering.

If your machining processes involves semi-rough to finish turning, milling or grooving, you could enjoy lower tooling costs, faster production and better finishing by switching to cermet inserts.

Eurogrind can supply cermet inserts from all manufacturers. As an independent cutting tool solutions provider, we’re also on hand to offer full technical support and the advice you need to find the right cermet cutting tools for your needs. To find out more, call us on 01792 862001 or send us an email.

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