Industry Sectors – Tooling Solutions

Eurogrind’s long and successful history of improving productivity and saving money for clients dates back to 1982. While we have, throughout this time, developed bespoke cutting tool solutions in a wide range of industry sectors, we have also established ourselves as a specialist provider in our core sectors.


General Machining – As well as offering bespoke cutting tool solutions for your general machining needs, Eurogrind offers specialist expertise in these key industries:


Aerospace – Eurogrind understands the machining of exotic alloys. We offer independent evaluation of all your carbide and geometry options and provide a regrind and recoat service to counter the shorter cutting tool life spans typical in the aerospace industries


Automotive – a preferred supplier to Ford Motor Company, Honda UK and TRW among others, Eurogrind is an industry leader in one hit machining, rotary PCD combination tools for aluminium engine components and much more.


Bearings – with our award-winning product design and development for new carbide cutting tool grades and technology, you could extend the life of your cutting tools by up to 100%


Medical – at Eurogrind, we understand the unique demands placed on makers of prosthetics. Our engineers are fully conversant with the materials used in manufacture and will provide you with impartial and independent advice and bespoke cutting tool solutions.


Whatever your industry sector, Eurogrind can help you with all your cutting tool needs.
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