PCD Cutting Tools – PCD Inserts, Cartridges and Rotary Tooling

As an established manufacturer of PCD cutting tools (polycrystalline diamond) with more than 20 years experience, Eurogrind is perfectly placed to provide the tools you need for machining non ferrous and non metallic materials. These range from standard ISO PCD cutting tools to bespoke tooling tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Users of our bespoke PCD cutting tools include high profile clients in general machining, aerospace, Formula 1 motor racing and the wider automotive industries.

Eurogrind’s bespoke PCD service includes the design and manufacture of specialist PCD rotary tooling. This encompasses everything from a simple PCD tipped reamer, router or countersink cutter to multi-stage multi-diameter complex PCD drill reamers.

As a provider of fully bespoke systems, Eurogrind will create PCD cutting tool solutions specific to your individual needs. If you already have a design, we can manufacture to it. If not, our in house design engineers will work with you to create the exact specification and design you need.


 Advantages of using PCD –

  • Improved cycle times by enabling high material removal rates
  • Faster sppeds and feeds compared to conventional cutting tools
  • Improved workpiece quality with tight dimensional control
  • Optimised machine tool efficiency by increasing production capacity
  • Consistently good component surface finish

PCD and CBN Tooling – Inserts, Cartridges and Toolbits

PCD and CBN tipped inserts and cutting tools are rapidly replacing carbide cutting tools in many non-ferrous, non-metallic and hard turning machining applications. When applied, using the correct cutting conditions and application, PCD and CBN cutting tools are extremely cost effective.

Our PCD and CBN inserts and brazed tools are manufactured with the finest materials available, selected to suit your application to ensure the most cost effective solution to your cutting tool requirements.

To discuss your specific PCD cutting tool requirements, call us on 01792 862001 or send us an email.

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