Standard ISO Cutting Tools – Turning, Milling, Drilling and Threading


Eurogrind supplies ISO standard tooling systems for turning, boring, milling, grooving and threading. We can also provide indexable, disposable ISO standard carbide inserts. These are available in all current CVD and PVD coated, as well as cermet and ceramic grades.

We are a designated First Class Distributor for the complete ISCAR range of tooling products and a main agent for Sumitomo Hardmetals. We can also supply products from any other major cutting tool manufacturer.

As Eurogrind is independent of all these manufacturers however, our engineers are free to give you impartial cutting tool advice and create the solution that’s right for you – and you only.

Just in Time

As part of our commitment to flexibility and working around you, Eurogrind offers a free just in time (JIT) service to help you manage emergencies or production surges. With JIT there are no minimum order requirements, just an opportunity to make savings in warehousing, stock control and administration costs while modernising operational systems.

To discuss your ISO standard tooling needs, call us on 01792 862001 or send us an email.