Vendor Managed Solutions – Vending Machines

With Eurogrind’s vendor managed inventory (VMI), you can keep your inventory costs down to a minimum while ensuring your personnel never run out of the tools, accessories or spare parts vital to their work.

How VMI works:

Eurogrind will supply vending machines at your site to dispense the products that your personnel use on a regular basis. You’ll be able to issue individuals with their personalised point-of-use ordering card, fob or access code. This limits the products they can access to those specific to their role or location

Through a stock level agreement designed around you, we will ensure your stocks are replenished regularly. You will receive comprehensive management information including usage reports, budget control and stock levels.



As well as cutting out purchase orders and reducing other procurement-related administration, VMI will save you money through reduced inventory. You’ll also have greater control over the number of products and suppliers you use.

Your Eurogrind VMI is ideal for products such as:

  • Cutting tools
  • MRO consumables
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance products
  • Fasteners and fixings
  • Inspection and measuring equipment

To find out more about how VMI with Eurogrind can reduce your costs, call us on 01792 862001 or send us an email.